Optimal adj. (best outcome)

Most favorable or desirable; optimum.

Optimal Living Meals provides fully cooked meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious.
Our gourmet chef sources local farms for the freshest ingredients, which brings out bold flavors and tastes. Our meals are always gluten free, dairy free, and processed sugar free. Nurturing your body and health couldn’t be easier than OL Meals. Outside of the meals themselves, we also offer:

    • One on One Coaching
    • Dietary Guidelines
    • Exercise Instruction
    • Prepared foods – made from “clean”, fresh, natural products
    • Menus and Recipes

Our options include the Optimized Meal Plan (OMP), Ala Carte, and Bulk portions. With the OMP you will receive 15 meals based on your choice and selections; this may relieve the stress of having to prepare your own food while giving you the benefit of a delicious alternative to fast food! Good nutrition will give you a number of benefits, not only in taste, but energy, overall healthier feeling and helping you to achieve your dietary and weight loss goals. This is not a plan you have to sign up for week after week, but we hope that when those stressful times come along or foreseeable complications with your schedule arise, you will remember us and that we are always here to help.