Balsamic glazed burger, roasted tomato and peppers, hand cut potato fries

Curried chicken salad, fresh fruit

Classic chicken salad, fresh fruit

Local shredded sirloin tip, garlic whipped potatoes, green beans

Chicken burrito bowl, Kansas black beans, basmati rice, house made salsa

Seared and roasted pork loin, zucchini and squash medley, blackberry compote



Pineapple upside down muffin

Rich Chocolate Muffin

Pork belly and egg hash


Cold Pressed Juices

Apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, lemon

Orange, apple, cayenne

Beet, apple, ginger, lemon

Pineapple, green apple, mint, lemon



Peanut Butter Power Balls

Chocolate Almond Power Balls

Ball of Joe (chocolate coffee power balls)

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